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Single App Home

Introducing Savant Pro, the ultimate solution for seamless home control. From lighting and climate to entertainment and security, our intuitive app puts the power in your hands. Effortlessly manage and monitor every aspect of your home, all from a single, user-friendly interface.


Everyday Luxuries

Unleash the power of customization with Savant Home. Tailor your smart home to perfectly match the way you live. Our intuitive system allows you to design your ideal home automation setup, putting you in control of every aspect of your living space. From lighting and climate to entertainment and security, our customizable features adapt effortlessly to your preferences and routines.

Embrace the future of home living

Home is a Touch Away

Life's adventures may take you to far-off places, but with our smart home solutions, you can rest assured that everything at home is just right. Whether you're traveling for business or leisure, our system keeps you connected and in control. Receive real-time notifications and updates on the status of your home, so you never miss a beat.

Crafted for unique spaces

Designed for Distinctive Spaces

Experience the ultimate control for your exceptional living spaces with Savant Pro. From luxurious pools to immersive home theaters and beyond, our solutions are tailored to cater to the most unique homes. Embrace the power of seamless control, where every amenity is at your fingertips. With Savant Pro, you can create the perfect ambiance, unlock unparalleled convenience, and indulge in a world of sophisticated automation.

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