We ensures all of your IT related concerns are addressed, so you can focus on growing your business. Discover the possibilities of exceptional Managed IT & Networking Services with enterprise class hardware and cutting edge cloud-based solutions.

Networking & IT Services

Cyber Security

From defending against Ransomware attacks to many other types of cyberattack variants, Regent5 Managed Service provider can keep your cloud based solutions safe and secure. Protect all the data on every IoT device networked through your company continuously with our solutions, against ever evolving types of evolving cyber threats.

Managed IT Services

Things such as managed workstations allow for a set of services for employees to succeed. Things such as a secure VPN, software updates, Microsoft Office suite, and a proper antivirus allow for employees to securely work no matter where they're located. Managed IT Services allow for server backups of your critical systems, and much more.

Cloud Solutions

Maximizing efficiency and space, our cloud solutions help from all your hardware to the virtual world. Helping minimize all operating costs, our hybrid solutions create many different options for your virtual business needs. Your team can access the network from any location, which also allows for our team to remotely troubleshoot any possible issues you may have.

Network Design

Things such as LAN bottlenecks, WAN congestion, problems with VPNs can ruin a business. Unreliable voice quality and pixelated video can change a company's image in negative ways. Ensuring a proper network design is implemented, along with functional infrastructure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I speed up my slow internet speeds?

When it comes to your internet, now is the best time to upgrade to accommodate all the distance learning and work from home needs your family may have. Because everyone is using the same network at the same time, speeds are slower than ever. Thankfully, with a few network upgrades, Regent5 can provide options to speed up your internet. We also provide solutions that help control when your kids are using the WiFi, a highly asked for feature.

My employees work from home, how can I make sure they're securely connected to the server?

With cloud solutions and secure VPN options available from Regent5, you'll never have to worry about securing your cloud data or losing any vital information for your company. We offer different options based on your business size and type. Work from home is becoming the new normal, and we are here to help.

Why are cloud based solutions better than a physical server room?

With the cloud, you'll never worry about losing important company and business information. A physical server room is exposed to all the elements and can easily be corrupted or damaged. With the cloud, there's no physical hardware which saves both space in your office and takes a lot off your monthly bills. The cloud can also be accessed from anywhere, which is a great feature for businesses with many people working from home.

Can I control my kids WiFi? I'd love to turn it off certain times of the day.

You can! Thankfully the newest options for your network also come with options on when certain people can use it. Solutions such as the Eero Pro 6 and the Disney Circle make it easy to make your internet usage into exactly what you want it. Dinner time can be saved with restricted access to certain devices, while allowing others to still complete important tasks.

How can I make sure my businesses documents are secure?

When using cloud solutions, its possible to securely transfer and store very important and sensitive documents using our virtual VPN security options. Strong firewalls and encrypted passwords make it nearly impossible for a hacker to gain access, and because of the documents being hosted on the cloud it makes it even harder for them to locate them.