Take control of your home from anywhere, at any time, with seamless management accessible through your fingertips. Whether you're using a cell phone, computer, tablet, or any data-enabled device, the power to manage your home is always in your hands

Home Automation

Automation at a Touch

Access all the functions of your home or business with unparalleled convenience. Control everything from lighting, climate settings, entertainment, to security from a single, intuitive app using Savant, Lutron, or Control4 Smart Home Platforms.

Climate Control

When he likes his home office hot, and she likes her kitchen cool, everyone wins. The ability to set your home's temperature, room by room, is one of the most mesmerizing aspects of a smart home.

Lighting Control

Inspired lighting can mark the difference between a smart home and a regular one. Set a desired mood or switch off all lights with one touch while in bed, or adjust the color and brightness. Automated lighting control goes beyond just convenience, and adds volumes to your home’s aesthetic appeal using Lutron HomeWorks or Radio Ra3 lighting control systems.

Automated Shades

The sense of privacy you enjoy in your home is essential. Equally important is how much natural light you like streaming in. The pairing of automated shades and lighting lets you create just the mood you want, whether for dining, reading, or sleep. We carry Lutron Savio, Triathlons and Palladiom Shades platforms.


The right movies and music can enliven your day, whether you’re engaged in housework, entertaining guests, or with the family relaxing. To take in high-quality audio and video as it streams across your home, or a particular space, can be a magical experience.

Security & Access Control

The well-being of your family rests on the safe environment your home provides. A secure home naturally translates to peace of mind for all. An automated security system fully overlooks this aspect of your home, so you can live with freedom.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I automate in my home?

Here are some of the most useful and popular home automation features:

1. Smart lights
2. Automatic door locks and garage door openers
3. Smart security cameras and smart alarm systems
4. Automatic blinds
5. Automatic heating and cooling
6. Distributed audio video systems
7. App controlled music, lighting, shades, security, and more

How much does home automation cost?

Every individual project is different, so at Regent5 we like to do a free consultation for any project, no matter the size. Projects can be as small as a $500 camera and doorbell installation--to tens of thousands of dollars for a whole smart home renovation, the price you’re willing to spend on your smart home is entirely up to you.

What is the difference between Savant, Control4, and Apple Homekit?

Each system has its individual merit, and offers the ability to control your entire home from individual smart devices. We personally recommend Savant over all else due to the complexity of control it offers, and the rich features that are available with the system. Savant also offers compatibility with other smart home systems such as Lutron, Apple, and multiple camera systems.

Can I control my kids internet usage?

You can! It’s very important to educate yourself on the different types of WiFi control that’s available. Parents now have the ability to control everything from how much WiFi time the kids get, to exactly where and when they can go to certain websites. Here’s some products currently available and a brief description of what they can do for your home.

What are the best smart home automation devices for 2024?

1. Voice control devices
2. Smart locks
3. Speakers
4. Smart TVs
5. Media players
6. Smart Hubs'
7. Lighting systems and switches
8. Thermostats
9. Professional platforms
10. Smart blinds