Home Automation, Simply.

Say you’re ready to call it a night, how nice would it be to lock the front door, switch off the lights, close the shades, and play some soothing music with a simple touch. We make this a reality with intuitive smart home automation systems.

Audio Video

Music and film connect us. It is what families and friends bond over. So imagine having unparalleled choice in streamed music and movie options, with full control over each aspect of the home audio-visual experience. Our promise is an intuitively-driven environment for relaxation and entertainment. 

Electrical Services

Whether it be an entirely new home construction or just a simple remodel project, we can provide electrical wiring services of every sort. Nothing is beyond our abilities when it comes to low voltage electrical installations, and can provide the best quality with our certified electricians.

Lighting and Shades

The right lighting, shades, and scenes can transform a space and create the ideal setting for relaxation, sleep, entertaining guests, or for a romantic dinner perhaps. With their creative expression in your hands, the range of moods you can set in your home become endless. 

Security and Surveillance

A beautiful family and a big home need not only love, but protection. Whether at home, or far away, you can now control how you provide security to your loved ones, with the tap of a screen. The peace-of-mind you can enjoy is incomparable. 

Managed IT Services

For Cloud Solutions and other items a growing business requires to sustain, Regent5 MSP helps bring every IT related concern into a new opportunity. Our cloud based solutions help with business security, work from home availability and backups for all of your business needs.