Our team of certified electricians takes pride in delivering the highest quality workmanship and ensuring that all high voltage installations are done right. Whether you need electrical upgrades, maintenance, or new installations, we've got you covered.

Electrical Services

Electrical Wiring Services for New Construction and Remodels

Whether it be an entirely new home construction or just a simple remodel project, or an electrical service upgrade, we can provide new wiring and engineering services for you. Our C10 licensed electrical team can design, deploy, and upgrade your existing electrical requirements or provide entirely new electrical solutions. We wire for lighting systems, new electrical panels and service upgrades, and much more. We can also provide wiring for HVAC, and EV Charges.

Electrical Panel and Main Service Upgrades

When it comes to upgrading your electrical panel and service upgrades, working with energy providers such as PG&E can be a hassle. Regent5 makes that hassle disappear and we take care of many electrical services from panel upgrades to service upgrades. We can turn a 200 AMP panel into a 400AMP or 600 AMP service with ease, and get your new home construction or remodel on the right track.

Electrical Maintenance and Repair Services

Along with providing new electrical installations, we can help when it comes to repairing and replacing existing systems. Many things can go wrong if wiring isn't done properly, or is installed in an old home. We diagnose electrical issues, voltage drops, or short circuits in your home and can repair and replace wiring with ease. Regardless of the complexity, it's all the same to our experienced and certified electricians.

Energy Management and Electrical Backup Services

Whether it be conserving energy with solar panels deployments, or using battery backups and other forms of redundant power systems, we've got you covered. Energy management in the San Francisco Bay Area is booming and Regent5 has experienced technicians and consultants are ready to help get your home energy management projects underway.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I provide my own wiring?

It's better for everyone if Regent5 provides the wiring. Because we can't carry our warranty on third party wiring, problems often arise from wire that is not standard grade provided by our vendors. There's a lot of headache that can be avoided by simply going with wire provided by Regent5.

What stage of construction is best for wire my home?

While it's possible to plan ahead of any new construction or remodel with a wiring plan already in place, and definitely preferred to plan ahead-wiring can be done in any phase. After the framing is completed and before the insulation is placed is the best time to do wiring. Wiring for any time after that will unfortunately take a lot of wall breaking, which can be quite expensive to complete. It's best to plan ahead, for you and your contractor!

Is Regent5 a bonded and licensed electrician?

Of course! our company is fully insured and bonded in the State of California. We have copies of all our insurance information readily available for anyone who'd like a copy.

I'm having trouble with my Tesla charger, Powerwall, or Generator. Can you help?

We can! Regent5 doesn't only specialize in wiring services and repairs, we install and maintain Tesla Powerwalls, Tesla Chargers, Sonnen chargers, and much more. Generators are no exception - feel free to reach out to our team and see if your specific request is right for us.

What kind of wiring can I have done in my home with Regent5?

We offer nearly every type of wiring service for nearly any application. From a new home remodel, construction, or just wire cleanup. We use Cat6A, Cat7, Direct Burial, 14-4 and 18-4 Speaker Wire, Lutron Yellow and Blue Cabling, and many more. Feel free to ask on our contact form if your wiring needs match our services and we'll be happy to help.