We believe that securing your family should be simple and convenient. That's why we've developed a solution that puts you in control with just one touch. With our state-of-the-art technology, you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you can easily monitor and control your home security system.

Security and
Video Surveillance

Surveillance Integrated

Life and work constantly occupy our minds,leading us to unknowingly overlook major areas of home safety. Our high-resolution security cameras are expertly placed as a result of the real-life experience we’ve gained over decades of addressing a long list of security vulnerabilities in homes. They offer you focused looks at each aspect of your home. You can now keep a close watch on your family, from the comfort of your bedroom or workplace with ease.

Remotely View Your Home

Time and place shouldn’t be obstacles to offering your family the best. Remote-viewing allows for anytime, anywhere monitoring of your home. Whether you need to take a look at live security camera footage,provide time sensitive access for the delivery of a package, or permit entry to preselected familiar faces, the integration of your security system with your smart home offers superior safety.

Notifications Anytime, Anywhere

What if your home’s security system could unobtrusively secure each part of itself, only alerting you if something requires your attention? With instant security notifications sent to your devices, you’re always communicating with your home. Receive an alert when the front door has been left ajar, when your kids have safely reached home. You can respond immediately, or at your leisure with accurate and timely notifications from the home front.

Our Past Success is Our Best Testimony

You’d go the distance to protect everyone you love and everything you’ve worked hard for. Regent5 takes assisting your security efforts seriously. Our sophisticated but simple-to-handle security surveillance systems have lent support to numerous police investigations that have been successfully concluded. Every day we strive to help our clients protect themselves from an ever improving threat. These success stories only go to affirm our belief that we are the apex in home security, while amply illustrating the practical utility of our technology in day-to-day living.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want some security signs, but don’t know where to put them

We’re here to help, we’ve written a few tips on the best placement for your security signs. Never be afraid to ask your security provider for some extras if you’d like!

What can Regent5 do to improve my security?

We’re experts at making any improvement to your home's security. We’re here to do alarm systems, along with deterrents such as fully functioning camera systems (such as LTS, Ring, Nest, you name it!) along with our own crafted security signs and stickers to let thieves know to stay away.

Is there a big difference between Ring and Nest camera systems?

Both are fully fledged systems allowing for app based streaming and control. While Ring is a more affordable option, with more available types of cameras and doorbells, Nest does offer a bit more in terms of support, with 24/7 video recording. Personally, we like the look of the Nest cameras a bit more, as they blend in with your home.

I’m overwhelmed by installing smart surveillance cameras, where do I begin?

There’s definitely a large assortment of camera styles and sizes, with a factor of differences that can be very important. Things such as megapixels and aperture, along with how they change what you do, should definitely be researched ahead of time. Whether you’d like a spotlight, floodlight, turret, dome...and so many other possible questions should always be determined before diving into your camera project.

I need a smart alarm system, but how do I install it?

Coming Soon!