Enjoy the ability to creatively express your home. Transform a space and design the ideal setting for any situation.

Lighting and Shades

Goodbye Light Switches

There is immense grace in the intricate movements that let you accent each space with light. With choice extending from stylish wall-plates, dimmers, to app-based control, you’re made the master of the spectrum of lighting across your home. From your bed, as you walk around your home, or when you’re far away, control of each lighting aspect follows you where you are. Sleek and customized to fit your home’s color and design elements, modern controls complement practical home-functionality with simplicity featuring Lutron HomeWorks QS, Radio Ra2, Radio Ra3 and Savant Lighting systems. 

Intuitive Lighting

As you weave in and out of each room, how fascinating it would be if light could intuitively enhance each moment. A distinct atmosphere for movie-like romantic dinners, ambiance for the softness and comfort that family-time requires, or perhaps lighting that closely follows the color and pacing of natural sunlight. You’re made into an artist of ambiance while expressing the wonder of smart home lighting featuring products of Lutron Ketra, Savant, GE, and USAI.

Quiet, Elegant Shades

Shades, blinds, and automated drapery are essential touches for all modern smart homes. Refined in appearance and available in a number of fabric designs, styles, and finishes, automated shades allow you to regulate the amount of natural light that streams in. Create a specific vibe, or enjoy the full privacy of your home — all with a simple touch or tap. They’re quiet, unobtrusive, and add to your home’s modern aesthetic appeal. 

The Perfect Mood For Your Home

Lighting and shades go beyond mere utility. A certain unmistakable allure arises from the blending of the two. The creative mix of lighting and shades can help create on-demand scenes fit for any occasion or time of day. Each part of your home can be enveloped in the many ambiances smart lighting and intelligent shades can create. Whether engaged in housework, homework, dining, or entertaining, full control over the desired mood is placed in your hands. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I want engraved keypads from Lutron, how does that work?

We’re here to help. When installing Lutron keypads in a home, we’ll work with you closely to make sure everything is perfectly set for your everyday needs. Once we have keypads installed with temporary markers, we’ll order permanent engravings, or Palladium keypads if you’d like an extra luxurious touch in your home. Once they arrive in 3-5 weeks, we’ll install the permanent ones, leaving you to your perfectly set home.

Automated shades are really sleek, should I get Lutron or Somfy?

Both options are very flexible to anything you’d like in your home. Lutron offers a bit more in terms of shade design and type, which is useful for homes requiring more than one design. Both shades can be controlled by apps such as Savant, allowing for extra control, while Somfy doesn’t require the necessary additional bridge device, making its cost a bit lower than the Lutron models.

What’s the difference between Z-wave and Zigbee lighting?

Zigbee and Z-Wave operate their networks a little differently. Zigbee can support far more devices at any given time, while Z-wave is more limited. While both ensure all your smart home devices work together, the small differences are what can help you choose the right system for your home.

I want a RadioRA lighting system, how do I go about installing it?

Lutron’s RadioRA is designed for a whole home system. The best part about it, is how flexible and scalable the components can be. Finding the right authorized installer is the first step to designing your customized RadioRA system.

I’ve seen a lot of smart lighting systems, which one is the best choice?

When it comes to smart lighting, there’s a lot of options to choose from. We personally love Savant light bulbs, which work seamlessly with the Savant app. Ketra makes a wonderful lighting system, with tons of versatility. Philips Hue is one of the most common smart lighting systems, and comes at the lowest price. Definitely do some research before seeing which one is right for you!