With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Regent5 Electricians and Home Automation Contractors poses exceptional levels of expertise to effectively analyze & troubleshoot, service, or any new installations for commercial or residential electrical systems. Our specialties include; panel and service upgrades, residential and commercial electrical wiring, lighting control, vehicle charger installation, landscape lighting, and energy management. We're also capable of designing and implementing the latest electrical solutions that best meets its needs based on your budget and project scope.

Local Electrical Contractors, Certified Electricians, and Emergency Electrical Services in Menlo Park

Local Electrical Wiring and Electrical Repair Services in Menlo Park

Regent5 can help to ensure your electrical system is up to standard compliance without common problems such as voltage drop. Regent5 has certified electricians that specialize in professional electrical inspection. Keep away from common code violations in your Menlo Park smart home’s electrical system with a consultation from Regent5. Electrical wiring corrections are easily completed with our experienced and licensed electrical staff. Professional knob and tube wire replacement and repair in Menlo Park homes.

Local Electricians for Appliance Installation and Surge Protection in Menlo Park

Keep all your smart home appliances in Menlo Park up to date and away from issues with video circuit breaker repair and upgrade in Menlo Park homes. Set up your high end electric kitchen range with electrical appliance installation services from Regent5. Always make sure you are keeping your kitchen cool and your living room warm with Savant thermostats powered by HVAC electrical systems set up by Regent5. Make sure you’re always keeping away from power surges in your Menlo Park new construction with proper and professional certified setup of your 120v, 220v, 240v, and 277v electrical services. Find electricians that specialize in proper setup of either single phase and three phase electrical systems.

Local Electrical Contractors for Security Lighting and Camera Systems in Menlo Park

Set up and install security lighting and camera systems in Menlo Park with certified electricians from Regent5. We can set up your security system with incandescent bulb replacement with led lighting to keep them running longer and brighter. Regent5 can set up your Menlo Park smart home 2N, Arlo, Nest Hello Doorbell, or Ring doorbell with proper voltage wiring standards. Install every possible brand of security camera from Nest, Ring Floodlight, Hikvision 2.8-4mm cameras, and more. Ensure your security system is up to date with service from our certified electricians and check your electrical outlet repair and troubleshooting.

Local Home Automation and Electrical Gate Control Installers for Gate Entry Systems in Menlo Park

Safety is very important when it comes to your gates. With installation of an Menlo Park compliant electrical gate and garage door, you can set up a Doorking or 2N Intercom system for your Menlo Park home, complete with electrical wiring services provided by Regent5’s certified and experienced electricians. Resolve any possible electrical grounding issues in your home with our electrical wiring services. Set up entry control gate and garage motor systems such as Liftmaster and have them professionally wired into the rest of your Savant smart home system.

Electrical Car Charger EV Installation and setup in Menlo Park

Professionally done Porsche Electric Charger installation and Volvo BMW Electric Charger installation. Keep your Menlo Park smart home up to the latest standards in clean energy with installation of wiring for your Tesla wall charger. Regent5 can provide the wiring services to ensure your charger is Menlo Park city planning electrical compliant and always ready to provide proper services to your vehicle. Set up every wiring requirement for your Porsche Taycan charging stations installation and mobile connect system with Regent5. Wire your electric car charger and ensure our experienced team of electricians can set up proper voltage standards and connect your system to any necessary backup power systems such as backup generators and power walls.

Emergency Electrical Services in Menlo Park

Professional emergency electrical services provided by Regent5 certified contractors in the Menlo Park, California 94025 area. Complete the low voltage electrical wiring in your Menlo Park home with our licensed electricians, and ensure your home is always kept to city code with any electrical services in your Menlo Park home. Also specializing in Lutron Home Works QS lighting systems, Control4 Lighting, Vantage Lighting Systems, Lutron Sivoia Motorized shades Palladiom Shades.