The new paradigm of enterprise is smart business. From creating experiences for the customer, improving day-to-day functionality for your employees, to running a more integrated operation, your place of business becomes joyful. Our mastery of smart business technology simplifies this shift in focus for you.

Smart Business

Restaurant and Bar

The optimal combination of lighting, music, and video walls can help create a certain magic for each customer. Dim the lights and cue in some soft music to create the mood for romantic dinners, or set it to bright and turn up the volume for an important football game, with just the press of a button. Match your theme and backdrops, plus control everything from the different TVs, the climate, to security and surveillance, with the greatest of ease.

Video Conference Rooms

Make a strong professional impression on your clients by displaying powerful presentation and communication capabilities, with lighting, multimedia, and conferencing that’s effective and reliable. With smart business technology, meetings are made purposeful and smooth-sailing while your proposals have the desired impact. From lighting control for presentations, to the use of overhead projectors, or video conferencing around the globe, the simple tap of a screen can enable it all. Experience the power of a more productive and connected boardroom.


With smart hotel technology, you can personalize everything from room-access, lighting, to in-room entertainment, so you can tailor-make experiences for your guests. Create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation with simplified access to each area of your hotel. Completely customize the guest experience by relying on scenes built on lighting, shades, and music, for different stages of the guest journey. Unify control of each aspect of a room and realise efficiencies in temperature and lighting hotel-wide, through simple, intuitive interfaces.

Fitness and Spa

Creating the right ambiance to help guests revitalize body and mind is made easy with the proper handling of lighting scenes, sound, and visual elements. Whether you’re looking to induce a certain calmness during a spa massage treatment, to set a particular high-intensity energy in workout spaces, or you seek full control over the temperature of the pool or steam room, automation of lighting, TVs, music, and climate will allow you to create experiences that enhance guest well-being.

Clinical Office

By engaging the use of smart lighting, television, and other automated features, a medical practice can significantly improve the patient experience. Reception and waiting areas can display customized video for guests, while in-room patients can select from television or streaming services. Realise lighting and temperature control efficiencies by automating the various parts of your practice, depending on specific functions and needs. Surgery areas, consultation rooms, and every space in your practice can fully embrace the patient journey with smart technology.