AI Powered Smart
Video Surveillance

Protect your home or business proactively, investigate events faster, and access untapped operational insights with Enterprise Grade Cloud Video Security

State-of-the-Art Video and Audio Analytics

Our advanced AI analytics allows you to quickly search footage of audio and visual events without the need for manual review.

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Manage your Cameras and Footage from Anywhere

Remotely manage multiple locations, share footage from a tablet or mobile phone, and get automated alerts for abnormal behavior in real-time for actionable insights.

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Automatic License Plate Detection

Our License Plate Recognition (LPR) solutions allows home owners or business to monitor license plates in real time and streamline vehicle investigations.

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More efficient and user-friendly solutions than traditional cameras, with quick setup and seamless integration with your everyday tools.

It's Simple and Smart

Our video security platforms leverages AI and machine learning for smart video analytics, which include real-time anomaly detection, notifications, and smart event search

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Let us help you choose the right Video Surveillance and AI Powered security solution for your Home or Business.

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