March 3, 2024

A Tour Of A Beautiful Hillsborough Home

Regent5 has recently done work on one of the most amazing homes I’ve seen, nestled in the twisting streets of Hillsborough. This tiny little town, perched above the rest of the SF Peninsula in the Bay Area, is full of beautiful homes in a natural setting. Today, we’re going to do a walk through on a Hillsborough home that was recently outfitted with some state of the art technology.

A lovely rainy day for a tour. Regent5 did camera work on this home, blending them beautifully into the aesthetic.

At first glance, the home is absolutely beautiful. Modern, simple, and tucked away in one of the twisting streets of Hillsborough. It was a gloomy and rainy day, but for purposes of the tour, I’m not complaining. Security is very important in a home like this, so cameras were installed during construction. The fixtures blend very well into the walls, and the fixtures complement the surroundings very beautifully.

“It’s a great testament to how beautifully something that’s known as an obtrusive fixture such as a security camera can blend in when it’s done well.”
Simple, yet elegant. Who ever thought a security camera could blend so well?

In the case of this home, all the cameras fall in line and don’t break through the overall aesthetic in any way. In some ways, they create interesting focal points in an overall beautifully done facade. It’s a great testament to how beautifully something that’s known as an obtrusive fixture such as a security camera can blend in when it’s done well.

Beautiful plants dot the outdoor areas…oh look a camera! Didn’t even notice it there.

Perhaps it was just the overall grey skies blending in with the blueish glass and the darker accent walls, but everything looked truly amazing at this home. Plants thrown in the perfect places to create a deep color scheme truly led to a great experience.

Who doesn’t love plants? And look at that beautiful accent wall with the perfectly placed camera.

Always on the lookout, along creating such a beautiful dramatic setting in this photo!

Moving indoors (it started raining a bit so it was time to move along from the outdoors, otherwise I would have spent all day out there) there are three stories of amazing decor. Let’s work our way from the bottom up.

The first thing you see when you enter the lowest floor of the home is the massive theater room. Red accents help it blend into the bar next door, and the space is an overarching embrace of comfort. The spacious theater room could only be compared to an actual movie theater, it is beyond anything I’ve seen before in a home.

Movie theater experience doesn’t even begin to describe the theater room

Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay and watch a movie as much as I wanted to. The room is accented with some beautiful Lutron panels, designed to control the entire experience in the theater and on the entire floor. Specifically designed buttons for every experience greet anyone who needs to turn on a light or immerse themselves in the theater experience.

These beautiful wall plates perfectly accent the theater room experience. Anything you want to do, you can do it from here

Moving up to the first and main floor of the house, there’s another whole room experience. The house is designed with speakers that Regent5 placed in the ceiling in nearly every room, creating such an integrated whole home experience, it’s hard to imagine what you wouldn’t be able to do with it.

Comfortably at home in the living area, and I can’t get over that glass staircase!

The main living area of the house is connected to the kitchen, and features speakers throughout connected to the Sonos system and a large TV. The house features a 3 level glass staircase, which I was told can even change colors! The surprises this home contains kept amazing me during my entire visit. Lighting tracks also help perfectly illuminate every feature of the home, and are all controlled from those Lutron panels, or even your phone with a simple app.

I had to get creative with the camera angle to show just how many speakers there actually were

That glass staircase deserves one more look before we move on

Moving up the beautiful glass staircase (which was terrifying to walk on mind you!) we come to the master bedroom. It’s simple, yet elegant, and features a Sonos Playbar and a TV. Lots of speakers are nestled in the ceiling, and some simple lighting fixtures accent everything and tie it all together.

Such a beautiful and simple bedroom, I absolutely loved how inviting it felt

Moving up from the bedroom comes the final room of my tour, the office. The office wasn’t huge, but I absolutely loved how it felt. The TV mounted on the wall behind the desk, and the large shelf with special knick-knacks made everything feel right at home. Not to mention the adorable drawings made by the family’s children. The home office is what every office should aspire to be.

A perfect office, modern, sleek, and a few touches of home
Hi Thomas!

The home was a beautiful experience in every way. There’s so many touches of modern elegance coupled with a wonderful feeling of being at home in every room I visited. Everything was so perfectly placed and accented in every room, I didn’t want to leave. The work that Regent5 did was so flawlessly integrated, that it led to the perfect blend of technology and comfort and convenience — all rolled into one.