March 3, 2024

All of the Amazing Things You Can Do With Savant

The ability to customize your Smart Home features is incredibly important when you’re designing your dream home. Out of all the currently available smart home control systems, Savant can give you the best in custom features. Others don’t come close to matching the features and compatibility offered by Savant. Here’s some of the many features available with the platform.

Elegance from smart shades to smart lighting with Ketra

Smart Shade Control

Believe it or not, your Savant system can control every single motorized shade in your home. Systems such as Lutron have beautiful product lines. The Lutron Sivoia, Lutron Palladiom, and Lutron Serena smart shade controller systems can all be controlled from the Savant app with a few simple steps. These smart shades can be any kind of style, from Roller Shades to Roman Shades and everything in between. Because the Savant system offers extremely diverse programming, these shades can be controlled with a simple program setting known as a Savant Scene mode (more on this later!) and can also be set to a timer — with your shades going up in the morning when you arise and going down in the evening for some privacy.

Smart Keypads

While using Savant on your phone may seem very exciting and convenient, there can always be a few setbacks. Thankfully, keypads by Lutron Caseta, Lutron RadioRa3 or Lutron Palladiom can be strategically placed throughout your home with a few common settings and scenes such as lowering the shades, or turning on the lights. Let’s face it, we’ve all lost our phones more times than we’d like to admit, and the keypads help with that more than you’d think. The keypads also look very elegant and are fully customizable, especially with the Palladiom series. With a few smart settings on your keypads, you’ll never get frustrated with your Savant Home Automation system.

Lutron keypads with clear commands help you navigate your homes Savant system

iPad and iPhone Apps

There’s quite a bit that Savant can do in its app form. There’s access to nearly every setting imaginable from special scenes to make your days productivity more convenient (wake up with the sun and turn on lights, shades, music, and more) and convenient temperature control. Music can be selected and programmed from your Savant app, you can view cameras when you hear something amiss outside, and much much more. There’s so much capability in the Savant app even down to changing the color on your LED lighting (if you have the proper bulbs installed such as Savant Smart Bulbs). Convenience is an understatement for the Savant app’s capabilities.

Temperature Control

We’ve all used old thermostat controls and we all know how frustrating it can be to set the temperature even in a single room. It’s quite annoying to try and get your thermostat to just the right setting. Believe it or not, with the Savant Smart Thermostat, you can adjust the temperature of your room form your Savant app with just a touch. The Savant Thermostat comes with several scenes that you can pre-program and activate with just the tap of your iPhone or a press of the thermostat. This thermostat control gives you the ability to tie your comfort levels to the rest of your home. For example, you can have one of your Savant scene modes activate lighting, active cooling, and smart Lutron shades all from a single touch.

Savant Scene modes are perfect for every room in your home.

“Scenes” For Your Home

You may have noticed quite a few mentions of the Savant Scene modes in this article. So you may wonder, what is a Savant Scene? It’s pretty simple. Take all of the different aspects of your automated home and tie them together into something you can pre-program and activate with just the tap of your Savant app. With Savant, you can have multiple settings all programmed into a single scene such as “Good Morning” which might do something such as activate your heater with the Savant Smart Thermostat, turn on your Lutron Shades, and activate your Philips Hue Smart Lighting. Each one of your rooms can be set up and linked to a scene depending on your needs, allowing you more control than you ever imagined. If you have wall mounted iPads with technology from iPort, you can activate and adjust your custom scene modes from there as well along with your phone’s Savant app. The best part of the Savant app and your scenes is that they can be set from anywhere. You can set a scene for your home from anywhere, giving you the comfort of whole home automated control.

Cameras and Surveillance Systems

Security and surveillance is one of the most important aspects to consider for your home. Thankfully, Savant has considered this and has one of the best solutions available. Bringing a live feed of all your home’s LTS or ICRealTime cameras to a single app on your in-wall iPads or your iPhone, you can see everything as it happens. Even if you have a Ring camera system installed, you can still pull that feed through your Savant app with the Ring X Savant integration system. You can view your front door and gate intercoms on the app anywhere that you open it, bringing you total peace of mind that your home is safe and secure even when you’re not there.

Home security can be accessed from anywhere in your home, giving you absolute peace of mind.

Music Control

When it comes to playing music in your home, the more options the better. Savant allows you to play music on Sonos speakers in one room, along with different music in another. The entire family is happy when they are able to listen to their favorites all at the same time. Savant allows you to play music from your phone using apps such as Apple Music, Sonos (which includes control of Spotify, SoundCloud, Pandora), and many more. Since the system is connected to all the speakers in your home including soundbars such as the new Sonos Ray, or Sonance VP66R in-ceiling speakers, you can adjust the sound depending on location along with your mood. There’s practically no limit to the music control options that the Savant system allows your home.

Throw a simple Sonos Arc speaker in any room and add it to your Savant system for full music control.

Smart Automated Lighting

There are quite a few automated lighting systems out there depending on your home control system. Some homes have some simple app controlled bulbs such as the Philips Hue, while others have a much more sophisticated system such as the Lutron Ketra lighting system. There are endless features that the Savant app allows you to control for your lighting system. Savant even offers its own in-house bulbs, known as the TrueImage product line, which can be set to your scene modes and have the option to select custom color ranges from an infinite palette.

Control It All With A Savant Remote

The centerpiece for your Savant control system is naturally the remote. While you can use your phone or an iPad easily as a remote for any situation, it’s always nice to sit down at your living room TV and use a standard remote. Savant offers a few different remote options, all with wonderful features and bright LCD screens. The Savant Pro Remote X2 is currently the remote with the richest feature set. These remotes can be programmed for multiple settings, even to activate or change your Savant Scene mode from the comfort of your couch. Each room is recommended at least a Savant WiFi remote to help bring the most convenience to your home automation setup.

Whether you’re looking to set up a new Savant system and get rid of that old and cumbersome Control4 setup, or just add some new features such as the ones listed before, Savant can be anything you want. Regent5 is always happy to take a look at your existing smart home control system in Hillsborough, Portola Valley, Napa, Woodside, Atherton, Palo Alto, or anywhere else in the San Francisco Bay Area. With your Savant system, the possibilities are endless, as are the customizations available.