March 3, 2024

Creating An Intuitive Smart Home Experience For Your Bedroom

Believe it or not, everyone spends around a third of their lives doing something in their bedroom. Whether its relaxing on a lazy Sunday, or getting some well needed sleep after a hard day’s work, the bedroom is one of the most important rooms of the house. Surprisingly, it’s also one of the easiest to automate to your every need. A simple smart home automation system can turn your bedroom into one of the most exciting rooms of your house, allowing for an amazing experience once you come home and cuddle up after a long day. Advancements in home automation continue to surprise us, this time perfecting the bedroom experience from sunrise to sunset and everything in-between.

Believe it or not, this bedroom has not only a wall mounted iPad (see if you can spot it!), but automated shades, smart remotes, speakers, and app-controlled lights. It’s a perfect setup for those wanting to automate their entire bedroom experience.

How can you automate your bedroom?

With a few different smart home systems, it’s quite easy. Savant offers a full home automation system that has a wonderful integration into anything you’d like to do in the bedroom. It has programmable modes that can be timed to a certain event, such as rising with the sun in the morning. Smart shades can be installed and controlled with the Savant program, opening once you’d like to be awoken, and dimming when it’s nearing time for sleep. Control4 also offers the same types of functionality, giving the user a breadth of control over what they’d like to do with their bedroom experience.

Help yourself wake up.

It can be tough getting up for a long day of work. Thankfully, with automated systems in the bedroom, your home can help you out a bit. Because the system caters to exactly how you program it, you can decide exactly when you want to wake up and what experience you’d like to have to start your day. If you need abrupt awakening and you tend to use the snooze button, you’ll be able to program your smart home system to keep you away from those habits. If you’re someone who likes to wake up slowly and take some time with a cup of coffee, you can not only program your shades and lights to slowly help you rise with your day, but you can even program it to turn on your coffee maker! There’s a lot of options when starting your day with Savant or Control4 style smart home automation systems.

Set your scenes using the Savant app in order to start your day off the way you’d like to. (Via Spire)

Help yourself go to sleep.

On the other side of the day, something as simple as going to sleep can be a troublesome activity for many people. Because most people in the Bay Area can tend to have a very long and grueling daily schedule, often looking at computer monitors for hours at a time, there’s a lot of over stimulation that can occur. Once it’s time to go home and get some rest, there can be issues with getting the sleep needed to match a hard day. With your smart home system, you can program your lights to go down over a time period, allowing your body to adjust to its desire to go to sleep. Eliminating blue light is something that researchers have connected to a more restful night. Control4 and Savant systems allow settings based on color in their “scene modes”, allowing for the user to completely tone out the blue colored lights when their evening modes kick in. Temperature control can be adjusted along with the shades, for a perfect nights sleep.

Set everything to your needs.

With an app on a wall-mounted iPad, or an app on your phone, every need can be met with a few changes to the settings. Whether it be controlling some music for any sort of activity, or adjusting the thermostat for those hot and cold extremes, there’s nothing that can’t be done to fit your every need. Having scenes and settings to fit your waking and sleeping moments is just the beginning of a wonderful experience for your smart bedroom — everyone has those lazy weekend days of Netflixing, and thankfully the automated bedroom can even help you there.

There’s no shame in those Netflix rainy and lazy days. Make sure your smart home can keep up with your every need.

What about the middle of the night?

Stubbing ones toe on who knows what on the way to a late night bathroom trip can be quite the frustrating experience. Thankfully a smart home system in the bedroom can be quite the pleasurable experience in order to avoid this. Believe it or not, there’s a way to program a scene mode in your system to help you get the lights up just enough in a direct path to the bathroom to guide your way to your late night emergency. There’s no need to find a button in the dark to activate this need, at least with Savant, it’ll detect the motion of your awakening, realize the current time, and activate the mode for you.

Which smart home system is right for you?

There’s a lot to take in when it comes to picking your smart home system. While the point of this article is automating your bedroom, you’re likely going to want to integrate whatever system you choose in every other space in your home as well. We’ve mentioned Savant and Control4, with Savant being a more advanced system at the moment allowing for scene control and quite a few other options that Control4 doesn’t quite have yet. Thankfully, Control4 is catching up, and does cost a bit less. Hopefully soon the two will be on par with each other, allowing a homeowner the ability to not have to sacrifice different aspects of their smart home and bedroom for cost related reasons. There’s a lot of up-and-coming smart home systems as well, although many of them don’t quite have many of the abilities as the big two. In the future, there may be quite the competition from many different companies in home automation.

A few simple switches tied with your immersive app experience can help you in any way.

Some Final Words

Your home should reflect your lifestyle, and a smart home with a complete set of automation can help you do just that. The beauty of these systems if the ability to customize from a single app, or a simple set of programming. This allows you to do anything you’d imagine possible in your bedroom, along with the rest of your home. Bay Area jobs and lifestyles can be very difficult to accommodate to, so having a wonderful bedroom experience can help ease someone into their day, and help them end it as well.