March 3, 2024

Five Reasons To Upgrade Your Homes Smart Automated Lighting System

Lighting control systems have become increasingly popular in modern day smart homes since they provide numerous benefits that make life more convenient, comfortable, and efficient. These automated lighting systems allow you to control the lighting in your home or office easily, can help save energy, reduce your electricity bills, and even enhance the ambiance of your space.

Energy Savings

One of its biggest advantages is it can help you reduce energy consumption. These systems are designed to automatically turn lights off or dim them when they are not needed, which can significantly reduce your electricity bills. Home automation systems such as Savant work with other brands such as Lutron and Ketra to provide the utmost in customization for your energy efficiency.

For example, if you have a lighting control system in your home, you can program your Savant or Control4 system to turn off the lights in rooms that are not being used or to dim the lights in areas where natural light is available. This way, you can ensure you are not wasting energy and only using the electricity you need.

Convenience and Ease of Use

Another benefit of a lighting control system is its convenience and ease of use. With a lighting control system, you can control the lighting in your home or office from a single point of control.

You can use a remote control such as the Savant Pro remote or Control4 remote, a wall switch such as the Lutron Palladiom Keypad or Lutron RadioRa3 keypad, or a smartphone app such as the Control4 app to activate the lights, dim them, or change their color. This makes it easy to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion, whether watching a movie, holding a party, or just relaxing at home.

Improved Security

Lighting control systems can also help improve the security of your home or office. With these systems, you can program your lights to turn on and off at specific hours, making it look like someone is home even if you are away. These work well with smart home security systems and alarms from brands such as and LTS security. This can deter burglars and other intruders from targeting your property.

Additionally, some lighting control systems come with motion sensors that can detect movement and turn on the lights automatically. This can be especially useful in outdoor areas, such as driveways or walkways, where you need extra security. Some camera systems, such as the Ring Floodlight camera and Ring Spotlight camera provide exceptional floodlight and lighting deterrents when detecting motion near your smart home.

Enhanced Ambiance

Another benefit of smart lighting is that it can enhance the ambiance of your space. With these systems, you can choose from various lighting options, such as dimming, color changing, and scene setting. Savant and Ketra lighting systems allow you to specifically set the hue of any light in your home, while other systems such as the Philips Hue let you change individual lightbulbs to a specific color hue. You can set up the perfect atmosphere for any occasion, whether hosting a party, watching a movie, or simply relaxing at home. For example, you can dim the lights in your living room to create a cozy and intimate atmosphere, or you can change the color of your lights to match the theme of your party. The possibilities are endless with smart home lighting.

Flexibility and Customization

Lighting control systems offer great flexibility and customization for everything in your automated home. With these smart home control systems, you can create custom lighting schedules, scenes, and settings that suit your needs and preferences. Savant’s scene modes can be customized to almost anything, depending on the hardware you have installed in your smart home control system. You can program your lights to activate automatically when you wake up or dim gradually as you prepare for bed. You can also create lighting scenes for romantic or movie nights with friends. Additionally, some lighting control systems come with voice control options, allowing you to control your lights with your voice.

Before the Lights Go Out

Lighting control systems offer numerous benefits that make life more convenient, comfortable, and efficient. These systems can help you save energy, reduce your electricity bills, enhance the ambiance of your space, improve security, and provide greater flexibility and customization. If you want to enhance your home or office lighting, a lighting control system may be just what you need.

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