March 3, 2024

Move Over Projectors, The 100" TV Is Now A Reality

Believe it or not, the idea of a 100 inch TV is now a reality, but is it worth replacing your home theater projector for those family movie nights?

Make family night perfect with your new 100" TV

For years when it came to getting anything close to movie theater quality at home, you’d have to rely on a projector setup. The biggest TV models available at the time were 85", and they were much bulkier and expensive than they are now. A projector setup is wonderful to have and has quite a few benefits, but it just doesn’t quite match that movie theater feel. Thankfully, Sony has championed a brand new 100" model that will bring that home theater experience closer than ever to the real thing.

About The Sony 100" TV

While other companies have come close with their 98" models such as the 98" Class QN90A Samsung Neo QLED 4K Smart TV, none have quite broken the 100" barrier until Sony’s latest model. The Sony BRAVIA XR X92 LED 4K UHD 100" TV is a beautiful creation allowing users unparalleled clarity and color for their smart home surround sound theater setups. Complete with 4K UHD quality, the Sony 100" model easily replaces a projector setup in any home theater setting. Popcorn filled movie nights are now a beautiful reality. The model will set you back quite a bit, with retail prices hovering around $15,000 for a new model. Even more so, there’s a waitlist in order to grab one. Make sure you put in your preorder as soon as possible for your new home theater centerpiece! Not only that, but the price is originally $20,000 retail, so now is the chance to snag an amazing deal before the price goes back up.

The perfect Zen to complete any home

Why Are 100" TV’s Better Than A Projector?

Having seen both the new Sony 100" TV and a Projector, it’s instantly obvious which one has a clearer and more contrast filled picture. While projectors can come in quality up to 8K and can cover nearly every size imaginable, physics can’t be changed for the fact that the light travels from a bulb across a room onto a surface. Sure, you can purchase and install the best quality projector screen imaginable, but physics won’t budge in this manner. Because a physical TV model will have every individual QLED pixel projecting the image across the entirety of the screen, it just looks amazing.

One other thing to think of is your home theater design. With a projector, everything needs to be centered around where the projector and its associated wiring is placed. Not only that, but you’ll need somewhere to tuck your screen in if its not placed in a fixed location. Because the 100" TV is a fixed location without a need for projection — none of that will matter and your chair location and layout will not be affected by projector visibility. While a small detail, it’s important to keep in mind when deciding between a projector and this TV model.

When Would Projectors Still Make More Sense?

Many scenarios involving projectors still make quite a bit of sense. Physics and cost effectiveness are the biggest, considering that the ability to project a screen up to 200" is still not something that is economically viable to adapt to a single TV screen as of now. While 100" is a wonderful new TV invention, it isn’t quite as big as you can go with a projector streaming movies across a room towards a 150" screen that pulls down from your wall. Not only that, but cost effectiveness is still in favor of projectors. A high end model will run around half the price of the 100" TV, although you’re still going to need the projector screen and mount as well. If these are important to you, then it might be best to hold off until the next big jump in TV size occurs. Depending on your own setup, the portability of a projector that can mount to the ceiling or in a credenza along with a screen that retracts into your wall is something that can be very tempting. While amazing, your 100" TV screen won’t be nearly as concealable when not in use, even though some cabinets can be designed around it.

A situation where your lovely view would be spoiled by a large TV that doesn’t retract into the ceiling

Home Automation For Your New 100" TV

Odds are, if you’re spending $15,000 on the Sony 100" TV, you might already have a Lutron Lighting System and Savant Home Control System installed in your home. To take full advantage of automating your new masterpiece theater, make sure you have all of your Lutron Palladiom switches installed and set to create beautiful Savant scenes with your Sony TV at the center. Regent5 is always available to help you create your new masterpiece home theater and can automate everything from Savant remotes that control your new TV to Lutron Sivoia shades creating the best experience and ambiance possible for your smart home theater system. Your home theater experience can be set to a Savant scene mode right down to the ambiance of the lighting when your movie starts, creating the perfect home theater experience for your new TV.

Will We See Even Larger TVs In The Future?

Believe it or not, there’s already a few models available that are larger than 100". While Sony pioneered the concept, other brands have unveiled larger models. LG has recently unveiled a new 110" model, but that will take quite a chunk out of your savings at $23,100. Samsung also pioneered what they claim to be next generation technology with their 146" “The Wall” TV. The name may sound exciting until you gawk at the $150,000 price tag. Thankfully Samsung has a model with a cooler price, but it’s only 98" for $15,000. Since the barrier of the 100" TV has been breached, there’s no doubt that many more brands will follow with more advanced models with less steep price tags. If you need to impress some guests indoors this fall, Regent5 can help you with your new TV installation around the Bay Area — from Napa and Sonoma to Hillsborough and Atherton or Los Altos Hills and Cupertino.