March 3, 2024

Palladiom Keypads For Your Sleek Modern Smart Home

When choosing the right technology for your smart home, aesthetic and practicality do not always mesh. Thankfully, Lutron has thought ahead and created a type of high-end keypad known as the Lutron Palladiom series. While the cost of this sleek and versatile keypad may be a bit higher than you’re used to, it may be well worth the money spent.

Palladiom Keypads Have Variety

One of the most exciting things about the Lutron Palladiom series is that there’s so many models to choose from. With the interior designer in mind, Lutron has created a series that works with nearly any color scheme, and a plethora of home designs work seamlessly with these keypads. Whether you like a darker or lighter color series, there will very likely be a keypad that fits your exact needs. Not only are there many color sets, but there are just as many various finishes on the keypads as well. Some people prefer a glassy finish on their Palladiom keypads, while others prefer a more metallic look. Lutron even provides a simple matte finish to help the keypads blend more harmoniously into the surrounding walls. This customization allows every type of person to be happy with their switches. Most people with minimalist setups won’t like a lot of very visible switches covering their walls, and these Palladiom keypads take care of just that.

Palladiom keypads blend seamlessly in any application.

Lutron Keypads Are Very Easy To Use

One of the best benefits of the Palladiom keypads — and Lutron keypads in general — is their ease of use. Complete with hard engravings, these keypads are programmed very specifically to do exactly what you’d like them to. There’s no more guesswork in trying to get some shades to go up or down properly, or to adjust the lights in a room. All of these aspects are easily controlled with the underlying Lutron programming.

The Operating System Is Incredibly Versatile

One of the joys of the Lutron Palladiom series is the brains of the operations — the Lutron Homeworks system. The Lutron Homeworks QS wall station helps you to control every aspect of your home with your Lutron keypads — whether it be your start thermostats or your smart shades. This ability to integrate with other systems around the home makes the Lutron Homeworks QS series one of the most exciting on the market.

The Lutron Palladiom Shades are a perfect companion to your keypads.

They’re A Gateway To The Lutron Palladiom Shade Series

Face it: once you install these luxury keypads in your home, you’ll want more Lutron compatible items in your home. These items may cost a small fortune, but they’re well worth it in luxury and design. The Lutron Palladiom shade series works with the same Homeworks Homeworks QS System that the keypads work with, and they all work together in your smart home beautifully for the perfect user experience. Not only does Lutron make these beautiful shades as well, but the keypads and shades both integrate seamlessly with the Savant system. Savant is one of the most versatile home control systems on the market, and Lutron and Savant work beautifully together in any application.

Keypads can accent even the most uniquely patterned of walls.

Are Palladiom Keypads Right For You?

There’s a few unfortunate facts to face when getting excited about installing Lutron Palladiom Keypads (and Shades). They get expensive — although for a reason. The level of design and quality behind these justifies the price of $300 for keypad (compared to just over $100 for other Lutron RadioRA2 keypad models, which themselves are even $100 more than the simplest Lutron switches — the Caseta). If the other two types of switches don’t mesh well with your needs and you can afford the extra cost for this luxury item, you’ll definitely find it worth your while. Contact your nearest home automation installer, and try some samples out to see if the Palladiom keypad is right for your home.