March 3, 2024

Smart Shades and More Tucked Into A Modern Los Altos Hills Home

From a modern aesthetic, to the latest in smart home technology, this home has it all. With wonderful character in its structure, and a perfect harmony of elegance and technology, let’s take a little tour of the work done by Regent5 in this contemporary Los Altos Hills home, a paradise of Savant and Lutron automation.

Let’s begin our tour with the upper floor of the home, which features the master bedroom, where we get our first glimpse at the multiple styles of Lutron automated shades expertly installed in the home. Recessed into the ceiling are both Lutron Sivoia QS Roller Shades and Lutron Palladiom QS shade systems. This beautiful mesh, which is app controlled or keypad controlled, gives the perfect amount of light for every time of day. Center in the room is the uniquely popular Samsung “The Frame” TV, hiding away as a simple art piece other than for those lazy Saturday Netflix binges. A few connected ceiling speakers take the sound system from the Art TV to the next level, while also helping tie the home’s interconnected Sonos music system together.

Taking our attention to the other side of the room, we find a simple and aesthetic design. There’s an iPad flanking the left wall, allowing for shade control, temperature control — and just about everything else you can think of. The Savant control system powering the home is entirely accessible from this wall-mounted iPad system. A nightstand tucks a Savant remote control away, able to control the Art Frame TV, shades, lights, ceiling speaker systems, and just about everything else.

Next up we have an up and close look at one of the stars of our Savant show — which believe it or not is a wall-mounted iPad. These iPads work wonderfully in a unique way, mounted nearly flush to the wall. While keypads can control a few functions, the iPad is much more interactive when one wants to get in depth to their Savant system. This iPad allows any room in the house, or music zone to be controlled, changed, or turned off. You can even view the security system and cameras on this iPad, which helps the family feel and stay secure any time of night or day. The iPad mount is by iPort, which features a plethora of wonderful tabletop mounts, wall mounts, and much more.

Heading downstairs, we get a break from the home automation show. This beautiful light fixture in the main hallway (that is also powered by Savant) gives a wonderful otherworldly feel to this modern home. A favorite of this tour for sure!

Taking a quick break in one of the restrooms in the home, we get an exciting Lutron Palladiom keypad. These are Lutron’s most elegant designs, which can come in a matte finish, glass plated, or even in gold! This keypad works beautifully with a very exciting wall pattern and gives access to some of the most used settings for that particular room. Any app connected to the Savant system allows for control of the rest.

Heading into the main living area, we see another beautifully accented Lutron Palladiom Keypad. This keypad in the kitchen area gives the most used settings full access, turning them on and off with a simple touch. The slider allows for partial changes to be made for dimming, shades, and other settings.

The stars of the show make their full appearance-the Lutron Palladiom QS roller shades. These shades are neatly tucked into the ceiling, almost invisible while open. These shades come in a sheer and blackout option, allowing for the home to be entirely covered from bright and abrasive sunlight while down. Lutron Palladiom QS Drapery shades create a soft and warm accent for those times when the rollers aren’t quite necessary.

Both shades work in the same system, controlled by the Savant app, iPad, keypad, and many more. It’s possible to select which shade system you’d like to bring down, up, across, and more — all independent of each other. This allows for versatility in many ways for a modern home with large floor to ceiling windows.

Taking our tour to the front door, we get a better view of those large windows an modern sleek home design. The drapery gets an outside aesthetic, and we get the first view of the home’s outdoor security system. Cameras connected to the home’s Savant system (and even viewable on the iPad or app!) help keep the home’s boundaries secure.

Finally at the end of our tour, we get a look at the beautiful landscaping and design of this home. Perfectly nestled in the Los Altos Hills area, this home has it all and does it wonderfully. One of our favorite installations at Regent5 even years later.