March 3, 2024

Tunable Lighting Systems With Lutron Ketra

All About Ketra Lighting

While not as prominent of a brand when compared to Philips Hue and GE lighting, Ketra has been growing in popularity for the last few decades. Ketra first exploded onto the scene in the late 2000s by being the first to pioneer the tunable LED lighting systems that are now used by every major manufacturer. In 2018, they were acquired by Lutron — the veritable king of automated lighting systems.

A beautiful meal made possible by tunable lighting to set the mood.

Benefits of Tunable Lighting Systems

By nature, human bodies are designed on a rhythm based on sunlight. Hybrid work from home schedules along with many office lighting sources have created a disturbance in this rhythm that we’ve only just started to be able to correct. Most homes don’t currently have tunable lighting, and thus the artificial lights we are exposed to at home and in the office on a daily basis can throw us through loops. Today, more and more automated homes with tunable lights can emit specific spectrums at specific times of day, easily tuning occupants daily schedules to their biological clocks.

What Makes Ketra So Unique?

While we’re all no stranger to using automated lighting systems, most of the current options only operate with limited customization. Color and hue changing bulbs can be easily integrated into regular lightbulbs, LED strips, and other home automation systems. Home automation systems such as Savant can be used to control these lights and change them based on different scenes, and can offer quite a bit of customization. While all of these customizations seem quite enticing, they do miss a very important step. Ketra has come up with a way to tie this automation into how our body works — offering customization that tailors to our own daily rhythms and lights your home accordingly.

Set up lighting systems in any part of your home and connect them to your Lutron Homeworks system.

Why Ketra Color Changing Lights Are Perfect For Your Home

1. Simulating True Daylight

Ketra is the only brand on the market today that accurately mimics the dynamic nature of real sunlight — health benefits and all.

Their unique technology automatically shifts color frequencies and temperatures to match the natural light right outside, allowing people to remain connected to the outdoors even while on the couch. This in turn helps their productivity and allows them a less stressed and overloaded day while working from home.

2. Enjoy ‘Infinite’ Color

Regular color changing bulbs such as the Savant A19 or Philips Hue offer arrays of color options that change with the touch of your Savant app, or with voice control. Ketra LEDs raise the bar by giving users over 17 million color variations to tune between with incredible precision.

3. Perfect For Every Automated Smart Home

The existing infrastructure of older properties is usually the biggest limiting factor when bringing smart lighting to a home, but Ketra lights are specially designed to operate on farther-reaching, lower-energy, wireless networks that don’t even require Wifi — allowing more flexible installations than were ever possible.

4. Control Lights Seamlessly

All smart lighting systems aim to make things easier for users, but compared to their competition, Ketra lights are ridiculously easier to manage. Despite how tunable Ketra lighting systems are, their mobile smartphone controls and highly customizable panels prove incredibly simple to navigate for even the most unfamiliar user. These controls can be easily tied into Savant and Lutron apps as well for maximum customization.

5. Cater to Everyone’s Preferences

Just like the Savant scene modes, multiple lighting settings can be set and saved according to any number of peoples preferences. This lets every member of the family pre-program their favorite lighting settings, and then activate them at their leisure to instantly create scenes that match their needs.

Tailor your home to your specific needs.

Where Can You Use Ketra Lighting?

Ketra has product offerings for existing homes including down lights, track lights and multiple designs of pendant fixtures. You can see a full list of Ketra products here. Ketra lets you upgrade all your lights with smart tunable LEDs. Ketra fixtures can also be wired into any form of new construction and commercial properties with these same products available above. You can adjust the same bulbs to look bright, dim, warm, cool, or any color of the rainbow through the Lutron controller. In addition, Lutron’s customizable keypads let you press a button on the switch like ‘Morning’ or ‘Night’ that instantly adjusts your light’s appearance. Ketra can be set up as a stand-alone control system or be used with the full suite of Lutron Homeworks control systems for full wall keypad integration, giving you amazing versatility across their entire product range for any kind of smart home setup.

Slim Fit Lighting

Have you ever seen a home, restaurant, or hotel that highlights the rooms and furniture with striking strips of light? How do they do it? They probably use technology like Ketra’s LSO Lightbar Slim.

The Lightbar Slim is a tiny .625 inches wide and is compatible in the smallest spaces, like under cabinets and flatscreen TVs. The Lightbar Slim stylishly enhances the ambience of any space and is easily integrated into Lutron’s HomeWorks (residential) or Athena (commercial) lighting control systems.

Recessed Architectural Lighting

For a discreet and minimal lighting approach, Ketra’s recessed lighting offers trims and shapes in any style, from round to square, white to bronze. The optics are entirely interchangeable, so you can adjust the beam angles and swap lenses for diffusion or glare reduction. And, of course, you can sync Ketra’s recessed lights into your Lutron system for ultimate control.

Retro Lighting Upgrades

Do you already own a magnificent chandelier or floor lamp that you love? Ketra smart bulbs can fit into most home fixtures just like any other LED but are capable of intelligent automation. Even your most vintage lamps can use a Ketra bulb, as long as it fits the socket.

Perfect for any office setup.

Is Ketra Right For You?

If you’re a work from home enthusiast and have the latest in Savant Smart Home Technology along with Lutron Palladiom keypads, then definitely! Ketra offers even more customization that will delight you and make working from home much less stressful along with giving you a calm environment tailored to your specific needs. The bulbs are so customizable, you can use them with your Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Crestron, and Lutron systems as well. They can be tied to your existing smart home systems and integrated into your existing apps. Regent5 can help you custom tailor and install your new Ketra lighting in the San Francisco Bay Area, serving cities such as San Francisco, Atherton, Woodside, Palo Alto, Hillsborough, Los Altos and Los Altos Hills, San Jose, Cupertino, Saratoga, Menlo Park and Campbell.