March 3, 2024

Which Video Doorbell Is Right For You?

Some insight into the latest automation craze

Home Automation is everywhere in our modern day lives. Our homes connect to our devices and to our everyday activities. New technologies have recently made everything incredibly simple and easy to control from an app or a wall panel. There’s quite the competition when it comes to Home Automation technology that integrates directly into your phone. Video doorbells have become the newest craze, allowing you to see who’s ringing your doorbell without you needing to come to the door. They are also the perfect solution for when you’re away from home and need to know who’s on your property.

Slim and aesthetically pleasing, and gives you full access to whoever dons upon your stop. Ring is a very popular brand

There’s a few important brands when it comes to your doorbell, both of which have been at the forefront of modernizing your possible solutions. Their names are Ring and Nest, and they’ll be the two main options that pop up on any video doorbell related search. They’re fairly similar companies, both offering options from security cameras to app related items. Nest has ventured more into home automation than Ring, but both brands do what they do very well.

Nest has a simple and straight forward setup when it comes to app connectivity

One of the most important things to consider when you’re planning to install a video doorbell is what setup your home will allow. They come in two main forms, wired and wireless. The wireless models work via battery power, which has an obvious benefit of not requiring electrical wiring experience upon install. However, there’s also a major downside to these versions, as the batteries can sometimes deplete and cause a bigger hassle than putting up with the one time hassle of dealing with the initial wiring. Wired options sometimes however aren’t viable in some setups, so make sure you know which type of doorbell you’d like to install.

Ring gives a lot of functionality to the app side of things

Let’s start with the Ring series of cameras. We install these quite frequently as they’re a low cost option that is very versatile and reliable. They come in both wired and wireless options, so that’s a plus. Out of all the Ring models, the Video Doorbell 2 is an option that is most popular with customers at Regent5. It has a wired and wireless option, and is incredibly easy to install. It comes with Alexa functionality and supports 1080p video. To add to that, there’s even a motion detector alert which can prove incredibly valuable. This function covers a wide area of space that can be configured manually to avoid obstacles such as bushes and trees which can cause false alerts. Unfortunately there’s a big downside to going with Ring, and what you save in price you make up for in the subscription requirement that the device requires. The device is a bit bulky as well, so if you’re trying to hide your doorbell this option isn’t for your home. Ring offers a few other video doorbell options, such as the Video Doorbell Pro. This model is even larger than the Video Doorbell 2, and is required to be hardwired (sadly no wireless options for this one). It’s a great option for those wanting the most advanced options from their video doorbell.

Out of all the Ring models, the Video Doorbell 2 is an option that is most popular with customers at Regent5.
Lots of options, but with a price

If Ring doesn’t sound great for you, then thankfully there’s another option. The Nest brand is a great alternative to Ring with their products offering nearly the exact same feature set. The Nest Hello is a great option. First of all, it integrates into an existing Savant system, which is a huge plus for some homeowners. It’s a bit cheaper and smaller than the Ring options, so if you’re looking for a sleek design then this one is for you. It does have a few cons, the wiring is quite a bit more electrician oriented, so you might have to hire someone capable of integrating this model. It also does not come in the battery operated version that Ring provides. An existing doorbell chime is also required, which links to the Hello. It does have a few unique features, such as familiar faces to notify you when someone is at your door. This feature can be very helpful for the socialites among us. Either way, if either of these two doorbell options aren’t sounding great to you, there’s always a few other alternatives.

Familiar Faces is a great and intuitive Nest Hello feature

We have one last option to throw into the mix. The SkyBell HD is a wonderful third option, that while not as popular as the other two brands, has a lot more features to offer. It features a very small circular design as opposed to the rectangular designs boasted by the other two. It also gives a 180 degree viewing angle, which is far wider than the competition. There’s no subscription fee for the device’s recordings, which are saved for seven days on the cloud. This is a huge plus compared to the other two. There’s an app that connects to the device, however there’s no web based option for viewing content. It’s incredibly easy to install the wired version, connecting directly to the existing doorbell wiring in your home. While it works independently of all your home’s other systems, most video doorbells act the same way, other than the Nest system which works with Savant.

It looks beautiful, that’s for sure. Tons of features on the SkyBell HD that the other two can’t compare to

There’s a few great options presented in this article, but there are many more if any of these aren’t satisfying your doorbell thirst. Check around for all your available options, and if you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, ask your local home security provider which option might work best for you. Don’t fret, video doorbells are quite simple and have come a long way in the last few years. Your safety is important, and when you get the right doorbell for you, you’ll always know who’s coming to your door.