Lutron Smart Home Lighting and Shade Systems

Lutron will help you design and tailor the look and feel to your home to your daily rhythms. As an authorized Lutron dealer and partner, Regent5 can help you tailor every aspect of Lutron's smart home lighting, shades, and keypads to grow with you and your family. Designed for comfort and elegant living, Lutron has a vast number of options available to work with your home.

Professional Automated Smart Home Shading Systems

Lutron's various smart home shading lines allow for a different aesthetic in every room of your home. Roller shades, Roman shades, and other specialized shading systems can be added to each room in your home and automated with your Savant or Control4 smart home system. It's possible to install more than one shading track in each room as well with both recessed and visible tracks, for maximum efficiency.

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Infinitely Customizable Lighting Options With Ketra

When it comes to lighting, Lutron knows best. Through their partnership with Ketra, Lutron keypads and automation systems can control the lighting in your entire home and have it specifically set to your daily rhythm, causing you a wonderfully calm and collected space for your work from home space, or calm evenings after a busy work day.

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Stylish Keypads, Fully Customizable And Programmable

With the various keypad options ranging from simple dimmers to extremely sophisticated programmable switches, there is a keypad solution for every room in your home. Lutron's various keypad lineups consist of Palladiom, Alisse, QS Hybrid, and Pico, all with distinct possibilities for your home. Learn more about some of the available keypad options below.

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Smart Home Programming Solutions With Lutron

Lutron has a robust home control integration on the back-end that plays well with your homes server rack. This allows the various Lutron systems to play well with your smart home control system such as Savant and Crestron. Whether it be Lutron Homeworks, Caseta, and RadioRa3 programming, our experts can help integrate them seamlessly for a well connected home.

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Lutron Plays Well With Smart Home Automation Systems

With a smart home automation system app installed on your mobile device from Savant, Crestron, or Control4, or wall mounted iPad by iPort you can customize absolutely everything with your Lutron smart shading and lighting. Set your scene modes to activate Ketra lighting systems, and set a daily timer to open your Lutron Palladiom shades all with a simple setting.

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Bring The Best Of Lutron To Your Home

Take a look at the best that Lutron has to offer within their Smart Automated Shades, along with their customizable and programmable keypads for your home. Bring style and convenience together and pair with your smart home automation system.

Lutron Automated Smart Shading Systems

With smart automated shades by Lutron, there are endless options available to add to your home. Roller shades by their Serena and Sivoia QS lines pair wonderfully with Roman shades from their Palladiom line. Each shade style is entirely customizable to your homes needs, and can be paired together for that perfect look in your home.

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Lutron Serena Smart Shades

The Lutron Serena automated smart shade lineup is wonderfully complex while simple to integrate into your automated home. With these Serena smart shades, the rollers can be recessed into the ceiling for minimal setups, or visible for more modern home design. The shades come in a variety of shades as well, and can be tinted for your privacy from minimal light blocking all the way to blackout shades. Set your shades to be voice activated or remote controlled for maximum usability in your home.

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Lutron Palladiom Smart Shades

The Lutron Palladiom automated shade system gives your home added comfort and security, while maintaining a stylish and customizable design. Sleek shade tracks can be recessed into the ceiling to give your drapery a stylish appeal, and various shade designs from traditional drapery to Roman shades are all easily customizable with wired or wire-free, and battery-operated systems.

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Lutron Sivoia Smart Shades

With the Lutron Sivoia QS shading system, you can choose between recessed, pocket, and fascia mount options with coupled and dual shade solutions available with the Sivoia smart shade system. Even more so, roller shades, cable-guided shades, roman shades, drapery, horizontal sheer blinds, tension shades, and more all in a variety of fabrics are all available to choose from.

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Lutron Programmable Smart Keypad Systems

Lutron provides a wide range of smart keypads for your home. Whether it's the basic Caseta lineup with simple dimmer switches, to the vastly sophisticated Palladiom keypads, sporting an elegant look and finish. Right in the middle is the Lutron RadioRa2 seetouch keypad system, with customizable buttons for every setting in your home.

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Lutron Caseta Progammable Dimmer Switches

The Lutron Caseta lineup of smart dimmer solutions allows for a low-cost wireless keypad solution. With these dimmers connected to your smart home system, you can control your smart home lighting with a simple touch.

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Lutron Palladiom Smart Keypads

The Palladiom keypad lineup from Lutron allows for extremely sophisticated and stylish seetouch keypads that can be etched with custom wording, and programmed with your Savant home control to allow each button to control a "scene mode" allowing you to turn your home on in the morning or off in the evening. There is an extremely complex yet simple to use range of customization with the Palladiom keypad system.

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Lutron Alisse Luxury Keypads

The Lutron Alisse luxury seetouch keypad lineup gives your home the special lustre you've always dreamed of. These backlit keypads are simple and minimalist, yet can be programmed with sophisticated tasks such as setting your smart home lighting system, smart automated shades, and starting your morning coffee. The Alisse keypad does it all in the most minimal fashion possible.

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See The Best Lutron Has To Offer Your Smart Home

Take a look at some of our completed Lutron smart home installation projects in Hillsborough, Atherton, Los Altos Hills, Carmel-By-The-Sea Tiburon, Ross, Los Gatos, and many more around the San Francisco Bay Area.

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