Verkada Smart Home Security Cameras and Software Solutions

Verkada provides top of the line camera systems with integrated License Plate Tracking software, along with several other high tech advancements in security technology. Learn how Verkada can improve your home security.

Custom Security and IT Solutions For Your Home and Business

Whether you're looking to enhance your office security with Verkada's state of the art authentication and IT security software, or create a vast network of intelligent cameras that help read license plates, identify repeat offenders, and provide easy review access when you need to submit footage to police - there are simple to install solutions available. Video security options include dome, bullet, mini bullet, and turret style cameras that are easy to install, easy to update software, and easy to connect to your existing automation system.

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See Your Secure Home From Anywhere

With the Verkada security system, it's not only possible to review hours of footage within seconds, but you can tie the entire network to your Savant or Crestron smart home security system. Quickly monitor activity using the built in timelapse feature, which allows you to review 24 hours of footage in under 30 seconds. To isolate specific incidents of interest, use advanced search filters such as person attributes, license plate recognition and time-based lookup. It's possible to see, record, and review security footage from wherever you are.

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Entry Intercom Security Systems Designed With AI In Mind

Enhance security and answer calls from anywhere with sharp intercom video and clear audio, four smart receiver methods, and intuitive management and security tools in Verkada Command. Easily deploy any combination of video intercoms, receivers and call routing configurations to take calls from anywhere. The Verkada Intercom allows you to take calls from anywhere, and has intelligent call routing options available. You can take calls on-the-go from the Verkada Pass mobile app, at a desk with the new Verkada Desk Station, directly through a web browser via Verkada Command or through any existing phone number.

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Entry Access Systems, Customized With Verkada

With access control systems designed by Verkada, its easy to securely administrate doors, schedules and settings from any device with cloud-based access control. It's possible to add an unlimited number of doors, credentials and buildings to Verkada’s centralized management platform. Your personal smartphone can be configured to use Bluetooth for no-touch entry, so there's no need for key cards. With Verkada’s cloud-based Lockdown, administrators are able to ensure safety of students, faculty and employees with just a tap. With the flexibility to create schedules and groups, you can esure doors are locked at the right times and secured from unauthorized users.

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Feel Secure With A Customized Verkada Security System

See how Verkada's various product lines can enhance your smart home or business.

Enhanced Software AI Systems For License Plate Recognition

Whether its for your smart automated home or your smart business, Verkada provides the ability to track every license plate and store it in their secure database. This proves invaluable when things go wrong, and gives you the tools to inform law enforcement and catch criminals.

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Dome Cameras

Built for durability and high-performance, Verkada’s Dome Series delivers enterprise security in a wide range of models for any indoor or outdoor environment. Dome cameras are unobtrusive, vandal-proof, and simple to install. The new dome generation has up to twice as much onboard storage and a new dedicated computer vision chipset.

Turret Cameras

Designed to withstand harsh conditions and its visible form factor helps deter potential threats. Available with either wide or telephoto lenses, providing both a wide field of view and the ability to zoom in on distant objects. The Verkada Bullet Series cameras also support powerful AI analytics and features such as License Plate Recognition and Occupancy Trends.

Mini Cameras

Designed for flexibility without compromising on image quality, Verkada’s Mini Series delivers enterprise-grade security with powerful performance for advanced edge-based analytics. With minimal form factors, Verkada mini cameras are perfect for a wide-range of environments. The Verkada modern platform enables secure access on any device, anywhere.

Multisensor Cameras

Ideal for expansive coverage and efficient installation, Verkada's AI-enabled multisensor camera packs four independent camera systems into a single device. With no shared storage or processing dependencies, each sensor delivers powerful functionality without any compromise. Each camera features a 2.5x zoom, 20MP image resolution, and a 30M IP range.

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See installations of our professional Verkada license plate reader cameras, entry intercom systems, and much more in cities such as Hillsborough, Atherton, San Francisco, Tiburon, Palo Alto, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Los Gatos, Napa, Sonoma, Ross, and many more.

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