Smart lighting systems in Los Altos Hills such as Control4, Savant, Lutron, Philips, GE, and more in your smart home

Automated Lutron Lighting System Design and Installation in Los Altos Hills

Control4 Lighting in Los Altos Hills

Regent5 can provide a Control4 Lighting system installation in your Los Altos Hills CA 94028 smart home, you'll be able to control the lights anywhere in your home from a single panel. The ability to dim lights, and adjust them based on your daily habits is easy with a Control4 system. With an easy to use interface, Control4 Lighting is a wonderful addition to your smart home.

Savant Lighting Systems in Los Altos Hills

Savant offers a whole home lighting system complete with their own smart bulbs. With lighting system products in Los Altos Hills such as the Savant A19 smart bulbs or Savant color light strips, any color choice and lighting style is possible. The ability to control when your lights go on and off is incredibly easy with the Savant application, or with a wall-mounted iPad. Savant offers compatibility with many other smart home systems, such as Lutron, to create a wonderful smart home experience.

Z-Wave Lighting in Los Altos Hills

Adding Smart lighting with a smart home system such as Z-Wave allows you to remotely control your lights, turn them on, turn them off, dim them, brighten, or change the colors of them from your couch. Z-Wave Products offers many lighting choices; from in-wall dimmers and switches to simple plug-in or screw in LED bulbs in your Los Altos Hills CA 94028 smart home

Lutron RadioRA2 Lighting in Los Altos Hills

The Lutron RadioRa2 smart home lighting system offers comprehensive services, enabling keypads to be the control point of your entire smart home lighting system. Because of the compatibility with Savant and other smart home systems, Lutron RadioRa2 switches, dimmers, and other system controls can automate any lighting in your Los Altos Hills CA 94028 smart home.

Lutron Homeworks Lighting in Los Altos Hills

Add more functionality to your Los Altos Hills CA 94028 automated smart home with a Lutron Homeworks lighting system, it's possible to get a complete and stylish keypad system installed known as the Lutron Palladiom series. With these keypads, you can control your whole home's automation and link to other smart home services such as Savant. With the Lutron Homeworks system and lighting dimmers and keypads, it's possible to live in luxury and have endless possibilities connecting all your home automation services.


Called Regent5 per recommendations from other business owners. The IT team at Regent5 really know their stuff! Not only are they professional and courteous, they are extremely knowledgeable about IT infrastructure and network security.

Melissa L. - Pleasanton

Terrific and friendly service by all the players that have come through at various steps in our selection and installation process for product choices, lighting, switches, security installation, audio/visual, & wiring.

Greg B. - San Mateo

Amazing service. Did our entire AV system and a home network without a hitch. What I love most about Regent5 is they doesn't try to sell you more than what you need. Tailors the system to fit your needs. Great service at a very reasonable price.

Joe M. - Los Angeles

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