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Sonoma IT, WiFi, Networking, Computer Support, and Hi-Speed Fiber and Internet Services

Sonoma Business Internet and WiFi

It’s very important for your Sonoma business to have WiFi connections that are fast and secure, along with a strong VPN for any employees working from home. Create a secure workspace for employees and customers to store all your business information. Business operations in homes and offices in Sonoma requires a great WiFi network connection. Any IT, WiFi, Networking, and Computer Support Services you need can be easily delivered by our professional business services. Get a proper business installation of Ubiquiti Ubuntu networks, Linksys Edgerouter, Netgear Nighthawk in Sonoma homes and businesses.

Conference Room Setups for Zoom and Cisco Webex in Sonoma

Installation of Conference Room products in your Sonoma business such as a Logitech Meetup Cam and Rally Cam and Cisco Webex can ensure that everyone collaborates smoothly on projects. A versatile setup allows all of your business needs to be fulfilled from anywhere in their Sonoma home or in the office. Whether working from home or setting up a meeting in the office, proper conference room setup for hybrid and work from home structures in Sonoma helps your business succeed. Many conference room products from companies like Apple, Logitech, Cisco Webex, can help with your hybrid office solution.

Cloud Backup & Solutions in Sonoma

With Amazon AWS cloud based solutions in your Sonoma business, you will grow beyond the competition. Using cloud storage in Sonoma ensures that if anything happens in your physical office to important information, your backups will still have your business and customer data saved. Make sure your data and important information is always backed up in your Sonoma smart home or office. The cloud is more secure than any normal server as well, requiring many firewalls to stay online.

Sonoma Cyber Security Solutions

With cyber security solutions such as firewalls and cloud solutions in your Sonoma home, you can grow your business and create a work from home or hybrid work environment free of distractions. With a secure data structure, your business will be able to grow and boost revenue while keeping your employees happy. Safe and secure data storage is an absolute must and can be improved with data protection and firewall solutions in Sonoma businesses and through VPN solutions for your hybrid business model.

Building Security Automation in Sonoma

Create business automation systems for every aspect of your Sonoma hybrid business needs. Technology such as Logitech Meetup Cam and Cisco Webex can bring smart business meetings from anywhere. Businesses in Sonoma can enjoy other aspects from brands like Savant, Control4, and Crestron, such as smart shades, smart lighting, and temperature control, along with many others. Automate your office with all the latest technology in networking and video conferencing and install conference solutions to grow your hybrid and work from home business structures with technology solutions.


Called Regent5 per recommendations from other business owners. The IT team at Regent5 really know their stuff! Not only are they professional and courteous, they are extremely knowledgeable about IT infrastructure and network security.

Melissa L. - Pleasanton

Amazing service. Did our entire AV system and a home network without a hitch. What I love most about Regent5 is they doesn't try to sell you more than what you need. Tailors the system to fit your needs. Great service at a very reasonable price.

Joe M. - Los Angeles

Great company and very knowledgeable. They have done numerous jobs for us such as setting up TV's, Sonos music and various wiring etc. I highly recommend them.

Elliot S. - Burlingame

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