Companies such as Ring, LTS, HiKVision, Nest, and others provide a wide range of possible security equipment in Napa

Video Surveillance and Alarm Security Systems in Napa

Napa License Plate Reader Cameras

Different types of Napa Valley camera systems provided by companies such as LTS and HiKvision can help track down robbers by following their license plates as they speed away and record their information. Regent5 can ensure burglars never make it with your belongings. Make sure your automated Napa smart home has a license plate reader camera for any possible thefts to be deterred on your property. You can view the live feed from these cameras on a simple app from the comfort of anywhere you happen to be.

Wired and Wireless Surveillance Cameras in Napa

Make sure you get the best security cameras, alarm systems, and more in your Napa home. With companies such as Ring and Nest, many options in wired and wireless security cameras for your surveillance network are available. Companies such as Ring, LTS, HiKVision, Nest, and others provide a wide range of possible Napa Valley security equipment. Nest IQ indoor cam works with a simple app on your phone. Always have the ability to watch your property from the comfort of an app.

App Viewable Security Camera Systems in Napa

Make sure you always can view your valuables no matter who is visiting your Napa home. Hidden app viewable surveillance cameras will ensure all property is always accounted for and will keep track of your prized valuables. There’s a simple app that allows you to view these cameras from Ring or Nest at any location. Install hidden surveillance cameras in your home to track down any possible thefts from those who you let into your Napa smart home.

Napa Outdoor Security Cameras

With the addition of waterproof and weatherproof outdoor security cameras you can view every angle of your Napa home’s outside areas. Ward off potential intruders with spotlight and floodlight cameras from various smart home brands in Napa. These different camera models are waterproof and can see in 4K color to make sure you get every detail of the area you're surveying. Security cameras outdoors can be provided by companies like Nest, Ring, LTS, HikVision and more.

Smart Burglar Alarm Systems in Napa

There are many alarm monitoring systems, complete with panels and sensors that can be tailored to your every Napa home security need. Get the best of the best when it comes to your home alarm system. and DSC have models that have alarm sensors for every entry in any window or door to protect against any intruders. View your cameras on the IVMS app on your smartphone and arm your smart home alarm system remotely to ensure you always have access to your alarm security system. Make sure you have a fully fledged alarm system in your Napa automated smart home.


Regent5 has done work for me in my home for over the last ten years. I have had nothing but wonderful results with them. They have come up with high quality, cost friendly ways for me to get my home AV the way I want.

Matt T. - San Francisco

The team is very clear on price and service. Once they start working its all hands on deck and they deal well with unexpected challenges as often happen when trying to install new systems to old houses.

Jim O. - Burlingame

Terrific and friendly service by all the players that have come through at various steps in our selection and installation process for product choices, lighting, switches, security installation, audio/visual, & wiring.

Greg B. - San Mateo

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