With virtual conference rooms becoming more important than ever for office meetings and home learning, get help installing the best system for your home office needs in Sonoma

Zoom Room and Cisco Webex Conference Room Design and Installation in Sonoma

Zoom Room Products and Setup in Sonoma

Product installation and service for home office and distance learning in Sonoma from brands such as Poly Studio, Zoom, Cisco Webex, Logitech Meetup, and more. Create your own custom hybrid Sonoma work model with Zoom hardware and software. From Polycom Trio to the Logitech Meetup Cam, any smart business in Sonoma benefits from a digital conference room design and installation from professional installers. It’s possible to meet with colleagues and many other clients from the comfort of your own home with our conferencing systems.

Cisco Webex Conference Room Installation and Setup in Sonoma

Add a Cisco Webex conference room software and hardware near me for the best hybrid work solutions in Sonoma. Cisco Webex in Sonoma provides wonderful smart conference room options including speakers, webcams, conference phone systems and more. With the Cisco Webex system, it's possible to video conference with anyone from around the world from your company and other clients or employees. Video conferencing from home and the office is more important than ever in Sonoma. Cisco Polycom phone conferencing system to your Sonoma smart home offices can be a breeze with professional licensed virtual conference room installation services.

Digital Conference Rooms by Google Hangouts in Sonoma

Digital hybrid work from home conference room make it possible to employ something as simple as the Logitech Meetup Cam or something more sophisticated such as the Logitech Rally Cam in Sonoma. Google Meetup conference room software in your home office. There are many different types of digital conference rooms from companies such as Zoom, Microsoft, Cisco Webex, and many more. Regent5 provides professional installation and setup of Logitech Rally Cam and Polycom Trio phone systems in Sonoma smart homes.

Digital Conference Room Products and Installation in Sonoma

Products for the modern day Sonoma digital conference room that work with hybrid work from home models installed by licensed and professional contractors. Get a professional installation with technology and software from companies such as Zoom, Logitech, Cisco, and more, it's possible to create any digital conference room you'd imagine. The most up to date products in digital video conferencing for your Sonoma home and office. Certified contractors provide a professional installation of Cisco Webex to bring all your business needs together for your modern work from home and hybrid work structured environment in Sonoma homes and businesses.

Zoom and Cisco Webex Conference Rooms for School and College in Sonoma

Complete your home learning with a Zoom Room setup in your home office for your school’s hybrid learning structure. Fast WiFi speeds for your hybrid school learning with fiber optic networks in Sonoma installed by professional licensed contractors. Install college Cisco Webex products for school home learning near me. Find out how we can upgrade your internet and network systems to help create an efficient and smooth home learning environment for your students and teachers. Get professional home learning consultations and installations. Professional installation of Google Meetup home learning software in Sonoma for hybrid school learning.


Amazing service. Did our entire AV system and a home network without a hitch. What I love most about Regent5 is they doesn't try to sell you more than what you need. Tailors the system to fit your needs. Great service at a very reasonable price.

Joe M. - Los Angeles

Called Regent5 per recommendations from other business owners. The IT team at Regent5 really know their stuff! Not only are they professional and courteous, they are extremely knowledgeable about IT infrastructure and network security.

Melissa L. - Pleasanton

I got a very quick response to my initial email request for help -really fast! They are responsive and easy to deal with, very friendly.

Anne S. - Burlingame

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