All your Atherton home automation needs, and more


Smart Home Automation and System Integration in Atherton

Home Automation and Smart Home Installation Services in Atherton

Electrical Services in Atherton

Every electrical service and electrician for your Atherton home including Cat5, Cat6, Cat7, speaker wiring, data wiring, and many more possibilities

Atherton Audio Video Installation

Install every aspect of your smart home audio video system in your Atherton smart home. From audio visual equipment to mounting your TV, Regent5 can help with any technology installations from brands such as Sonos, Samsung, Sonance, Logitech, URC, and more

Home Theater Design and Installation in Atherton

Professional home theater design and installation services in the Atherton area complete with all essential home theater equipment

Atherton WiFi, Networking, Computer Support Services, and Hi-Speed Fiber and Internet Services

Any IT, WiFi, Networking, and Computer Support Services you need, delivered by Regent5 in Atherton

Atherton Automated Lutron Lighting System Design and Installation

Install and control your smart lighting systems from brands such as Lutron, Control4, Savant, Philips, GE, and more in your Atheron smart home

Atherton Alarm Security Systems and Video Surveillance Systems

Security systems are in high demand. Companies such as Ring, LTS, HiKVision, Nest, and others provide a wide range of possible security equipment

Lutron Shades and Drapery Design and Installation in Atherton

Create custom designer shades for your Atherton smart home. Shades from Lutron known as the Palladiom Series, along with the Lutron Sivoia series work with other aspects of your smart home such as Savant. Somfy motorized shades are also a wonderful option to automate your home

Zoom Room and Cisco Webex Conference Room Design and Install in Atherton

From Polycom Trio to the Logitech Meetup Cam, any smart business in Atherton benefits from a digital conference room design and installation from professional installers such as Regent5

Landscape Lighting Design and Installation in Atherton

From lighting systems in the pool and patio area, to outdoor speaker surround sound systems, along with heaters and everything else in between for your Atherton smart home

Solar Systems and Backup Batteries in Atherton

Save your technology with backups in you smart home. Every Tesla and other electric vehicle needs a charger. Install brands such as TrippLite, Sonnen, LG, and more

Low-Voltage and Electrical Cabling and Wiring Services in Atherton

All types of wiring from electrical, to Cat5, Cat6, Cat7, speaker, and networking in your Atherton California home

Work From Home In Atherton (Remote Office, Security, Wifi, Zoom Room Setup)

Learn how Regent5 can help business owners and employees take their business home. Setting up remote employee workstations has never been easier. Give your employees the ability to video conference, use cloud solutions, and other essential IT needs designed for remote business use

Design and Build your Atherton Home

From seamless lighting design to shades, every design need to tie your technology and architecture together in Atherton smart homes

IOT Devices in Atherton Smart Homes

Smart homes in Atherton require many IOT devices, such as the following products which require installation and service. Be sure you have all the proper IOT devices to successfully automated your Atherton CA 94027 smart home: Ring, Nest, Alexa, Google Home, Amazon Echo, Sonos, and more

High End Audio, Multi-Room Music, and Outdoor Speakers in Atherton

Top quality home theater equipment and installation in Atherton. Installation of speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers, headphones, turntables and more

Electrical Wiring, Electrical Installations, and Electrical Troubleshooting in Atherton

Cover all your electrical installation and troubleshooting needs in Atherton, California 94027 with Regent5 licensed and certified electricians. Fix every electrical voltage issue, outlet problem, and any other troubleshooting issue you may have with our experienced electricians

Local Electrical Contractors, Certified Electricians, and Emergency Electrical Services in Atherton

Professional services provided by Regent5 certified Atherton electricians and contractors in the Atherton, California 94027 area. Complete the low voltage electrical wiring in your Atherton home with our licensed electricians, and ensure your home is always kept to city code with any electrical services in your Atherton home

Garage Remote Control Systems in Atherton

For all of your remote control and garage door opener systems in your Atherton home from brands such as Liftmaster

Golf Simulator Setup in Atherton

Professional setup and installation of your golf simulator systems for your automated Atherton smart home

Conference Rooms in Atherton

Setup and installation along with other services available for your Atherton conference rooms including Zoom, Cisco Meraki, and more

Home Automation Wiring in Atherton

All your Atherton smart home wiring needs for remodel and new construction

Climate Control Systems in Atherton

Smart thermostats and other climate control options available for your Atherton home

Control4 Home Automation in Atherton

Home automation systems professionally designed and installed in your Atherton home

Home Theater Installation in Atherton

Installation and repair services for your automated Atherton smart home theater

Lutron Smart Automated Shades in Atherton

Lutron automated shades for your Atherton smart home from their Sivoia, Palladiom, and QS lineup

Smart Home Lighting Systems in Atherton

Smart lighting systems and automated lighting functions available for your Atherton automated smart home

Wi-Fi and Networking Solutions in Atherton

WiFi and networking solutions and troubleshooting for your home and business in Atherton

Sonos Smart Home Music Systems In Atherton

Smart home music that can be controlled with an app and programmed to any room of your Atherton home with Sonos

License Plate Recognition Cameras in Atherton

Every option available for License Plate Reader (LPR) cameras in Atherton, CA for your smart home or business

Savant Smart Home Automation Systems in Atherton

Automated smart home systems from Savant in your Atherton automated home

Outdoor Entertainment Systems in Atherton

Outdoor sound systems, TV and home theater solutions, and much more in your Atherton automated smart home

Tekmar Climate Control Installation in Atherton

Climate control systems for your automated smart home from brands such as Tekmar in Atherton

Projector Screen Installation and Service in Atherton

Services for installation and repair available for your smart home projector screen in Atherton

Home Entertainment System Installation in Atherton

Home theater, home projector system, and outdoor music systems installed in your modern day Atherton smart home

Crestron Home Automation in Atherton

Smart home systems from Crestron designed for your automated smart home in Atherton

Smart Entry Systems and Automated Gate Control in Atherton

Set up smart entry systems for a secure home along with automated gates connected to your home security system in Atherton

Internet Service Provider Setup and Installation in Atherton

Setup and installation for your Internet Service Provider (ISP) services from brands such as Comcast Xfinity and AT&T Fiber in Atherton

Picture Frame TV Installation and Setup in Atherton

Services available for your picture frame TV and associated sound system in your Atherton home or business

Projector Installation in Atherton

Installation solutions for your home theater and business projector systems for your home theater in Atherton

Ring and Nest Camera Installation and Service in Atherton

Installation and repair services available for your Ring and Nest camera systems in Atherton